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Leroy Interviews Terry

April 15, 2007

Here is an interview that Leroy did with Terry about Terry’s parents:

Here is a video from our trip to The Aquarium of the Bay on Pier 39 (not to be confused with the Steinhart Aquarium):

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It was another beautiful day for our hiking trip at Cosumnes River Preserve. P3100017

We started out at the visitor center, which has some interpretive exhibits:

P3100004   P3100005  P3100008 P3100009

Then we had a picnic outside and looked at the river: P3100012 

P3100015 Leroy contemplates nature….

We took a hikeP3100018  P3100020 The “ponds” behind Leroy and Jacob are seasonal. P3100022 Water is pumped into to create a wetlands area from the river.

The preserve has one of the largest Valley Oak riparian forests in the state. P3100027  (the last two photos were taken by Leroy)

We had a great time! P3100035 P3100036  P3100040

After a hint from a fellow we found a beaver dam…P3100043  and saw some of their handy work…P3100041

We also discovered lots of poison oak! P3100086 P3100082    We didn’t sit on that bench.

Who needs a play structure? P3100072 P3100071 P3100069 P3100065   

It was beautiful! P3100062 P3100092  P3100003 P3100079

The only problem was that with four different children, there were four different “paces” for the trip.

P3100090 Leroy, running ahead.

P3100057  Aaron is with Leroy here, but he spent a lot of time doing things like this so he and Jake switch off heading up the rear.

Sean was “just right”.P3100058  

P3030122  It was a beautiful early spring day, so I asked Leroy P3030126if he wanted to go to a park. I offered a bike ride to Fort Natomas, P3030137which I recently helped rebuild, and he said yes.

P3030129It was warm enough for shorts, and I was sorry I had worn a jacket on the trip out.   Leroy decided to be the documentarian. He said he was taking pictures of spring. Here are some of his photos:

P3030136 P3030133 P3030132 P3030128  
P3030127 P3030144 P3030143 P3030139

He has a pretty good eye for framing. I was impressed.

Turtle Bay 2/19/07

February 22, 2007

 We got an early start for the long, 2-3 hour trip up north to Redding. Turtle Bay museum is a science, and natural history museum on the Sacarmento River. Since we all had the day off for the Presidents, we decided to make a road trip together with:

Terry:  P2190111  Leroy: P2190106  my mom: P2190112 
my sister:  
P2190069  and her kids: P2190103  P2190114The trip up was long, and the wind was making the drive difficult.The museum is on the Sacramento River: P2190117and has a riparian aquarium:   P2190091  P2190090   The most famous part of it is the Sundial Bridge: P2190093  P2190116The kids had a great timeplaying, P2190113  playing,  P2190109   playing, P2190081playing, P2190074 playing,  P2190075 and playing P2190068 

we had a great time !P2190086 P2190071